Mack and Judi Evans

Judi was born and raised in Cincinnati, and Mack is from St. Louis. They met in college and he followed her here. Judi’s father emigrated from Germany in 1939, at 18 years old. Her mother was from here. Judi’s ancestors established the Jewish cemetery in Price Hill and she feels a commitment to maintain that and other cemeteries in town. Mack is a Jew by choice, and has embraced the community and served it in various capacities. Both are deeply involved at Wise Temple and with Jewish Cemeteries of Greater Cincinnati.

  • Jewish Cemeteries of Greater Cincinnati
  • Isaac M. Wise Temple

Cemeteries are for the living. It’s difficult to go visit, but deeply meaningful and peaceful when you do. We believe it’s important to have a place to honor the departed, and to properly maintain those places to show our respect. This is a part of our Jewish identity.

Synagogues and temples come and go; small cemeteries can be forgotten. This is why we believe strongly in the mission of Jewish Cemeteries of Greater Cincinnati.

The Wise Temple community is our family. There are weeks when we are there every day, volunteering or participating in educational or religious opportunities there.

When we were in a car accident, our Temple family was there for us. Every day until we could get back on our feet. We cannot repay our debt of gratitude, and just want to give what we can so this community will continue to exist and support other families.

Judi and Mack Evans
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