Legacy giving is easy. Most people make a gift out of what's left – through a retirement fund (IRA) or through a Will or Trust. Both of these ways ensure that you do not need to give anything or even pledge any specific amount today.

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Retirement Fund or IRA

Naming an organization as the beneficiary of a qualified retirement plan (IRA, 401k), investment account, or annuity is an easy way to make a future gift. There is no cost to make these designations and they can easily be changed at any time. Passing this gift to charity is 100 percent tax free.

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Will or Trust

You have supported your family and charities during your lifetime. A will or trust is a purposeful way for you to continue your tradition of lifetime giving. Designating community organizations as beneficiaries in your will or trust is a simple way to make a future gift. In addition, you can change or revoke this type of gift if your situation changes.

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Donor-Advised Fund

Receive an immediate tax deduction when you contribute cash, stocks, or other assets to a donor-advised fund, and you can make annual gifts to the charitable organizations of your choice whenever you wish, and designate any remaining funds as a legacy gift.

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Life Insurance

Life Insurance can be used to fund a charitable gift, enabling you to make a substantial legacy gift for a relatively modest cost. There are several ways to utilize life insurance as a legacy giving strategy either through an existing life insurance policy that you already own or through a newly issued policy owned by the Jewish Federation or organization of your choice.

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You can make a legacy gift now by simply designating a gift of cash, securities, or other assets to an endowment fund. The organization will place it into their permanent endowment so the gift will remain in place forever.

You can also choose to endow a program, scholarship, award, or other initiative, to see the results of your giving year after year and ensure those programs exist forever.

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